Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is about helping individuals reach their full potential—this means, working with the whole person to improve his or her overall well-being, so they can truly perform at their best.

When employees are leading less stressful and more fulfilling lives, they are more:

  • Productive

  • Collaborative

  • Innovative
  • Curious
  • Committed to learning

  • Better equipped to manage change

They are also more professionally engaged and likely to stay longer with your company.

My approach

After an initial organizational analysis, we will work to implement necessary and long-lasting changes to performance and behavior through the following activities:

  • Meet with selected individuals on a monthly basis to advise and mentor their development:
  • Define the organization’s growth-plan, as it relates to building the right team structure.

  • Develop growth plans for high-potential team members.

  • Create management-specific trainings that are tailored to your team’s needs.

  • Meet with individuals after promotion to reframe their role, discuss productive and non-productive behaviors, and review time management strategies.

  • Remain available for coaching as challenges, conflict, and opportunities arise.

  • Some of the tools used for mentorship and development:

  • WorkTraits: Gain a deeper understanding of workplace behaviors.

  • Mindset: Listen for key words that help identify established attitudes and beliefs.

  • Thought Work: Listen for stories that hinder personal growth. Examine the underlying thought processes and create intentional and productive thought patterns.

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